Is it time for a New Healthier You?



  • Have you tried all the “quick fixes” … with almost no results?
  • Would you like to ditch old habits that don’t serve you anymore?
  • Are you tired of buying book after book, following diet after diet, and still not experiencing the changes you want?
  • Are you tired of being a slave to sugar and caffeine in order to have energy? 
  • Would you like more energy and a feeling of total balance throughout the day?
  • Could you benefit from the help of a Personal Trainer, guiding you in the right direction, safely and effectively?
  • Are Looking to make a change and better results?

If you're ready to make positive change ... I have the plan for you! 

28-Days to a Fit & Fabulous YOU!!

Online at HOME Fitness, Easy to follow Nutrition Plan, and Online Support 

Here's what's included:

  • 4 weeks follow along, Strength Exercise¬†Sessions at Home¬†
  • ¬†4 weeks bonus Walking Workout Session each week at Home
  • 4 weeks easy Meal Planning with Shopping Lists included
  • Delicious, Healthy & easy Recipes
  • 4 weeks Support and Motivation

This is the program I use in my Studio with my Members.  They LOVE it and it Works!!


ARE YOU READY to MAKE LASTING CHANGE in your Strength, Energy, Mood, Weight Management & Health??

YES! ... I'M READY :)

HI!  I'm Marion Brand, your Coach, Personal Trainer & Functional Aging Specialist ...

I've been a Personal Trainer for over 20 years, and owner of BRAND FITNESS in Langley, BC.  A group fitness Studio in Canada helping my members over 50 live a healthy and active life.

I'm in my late 50's myself, and saw the lack of health and fitness programs focusing on the needs of adults my age and older. (But don't think you have to be over 50.  If you're comfortable in our community, you're in ... I won't ask for ID ;)

This Online Program has been developed with you in mind!  Everything has been broken down in small, easy to follow, bite size pieces to help you succeed! 

Spend as little as 15 minutes a day to see lasting change in your life!   How about a different and Healthier outlook on food ... I'm here to motivate and help you feel better, stronger, healthier and younger!

Small positive changes over time add up to BIG Change.  Isn't NOW the time to make that change? ... So much better than saying "I should have started earlier".  DO IT NOW :)

My focus is to help as many people like yourself, to live the Best Half of your Life feeling strong and with more energy! 

I invite you to Join me today! 
Marion Brand

Are you ready to make a change in your Health and Fitness? 


If the answer is YES ... and you fit the following criteria, I invite you to apply to participate in my 28-Day Fit & Fabulous Transformation:


So if you:

  • Are in the age range of 39-79+ (ID not required if you're younger ;)
  • Ready for a FUN and engaging follow along at Home Program
  • Want to make a positive change in your Health and Fitness 
  • Want to become stronger, healthier, lose some extra weight, reduce aches and pains
  • Want to improve your balance, flexibility and movement
  • Want to live an active life for years to come.
  • Want to learn how to eat clean and cook healthy simple meals
  • Can follow an easy, step-by-step meal plan designed to burn fat, optimize your metabolism, and balance your hormones
  • Can dedicate 20-30 minutes 2-5 times a week to exercise
  • Want to be a part of an amazing community of people who support each other
  •  Are willing to invest $249 $149 in yourself for a life-changing start, towards a healthier you!
  • Are ready to make a real, positive, lasting change in your life?

"Now It's Your Turn to Take Control of Your Health and Get the Body You Deserve!"





"The 28-Day Transformation made me realize how my intake of sugar and carbs were contributing to my constant weight gain, even though I was working out regularly. I lost 12 pounds, with most from my problem tummy area. I still struggle with my energy level, but no longer am exhausted by afternoon. My sleep has improved as well."


"Down 6 pounds and inches all around after the 28-Day Tranformation. I feel fantastic! I'm happy and can't wait to continue my journey with you! Can't thank you enough!! This program has helped me to believe in myself."


"The most important thing I learned on the 28-Day Transformation was Meal planning - having each meal planned out ahead of time made staying on the program easier. I am willing to try different foods - squash, sweet potato, etc. now ... I lost 12 pounds lost, loose jeans (yeah!)" 


"I lost 9lbs. 13.75 inches over all in the 28 Days!! Feeling great and feeling like I can and will continue this journey going forward." 


"I lost 12 lbs and 7 INCHES!!!! I feel amazing! Way more energy, I sleep better and I don't crave the unhealthy snacks that I used to! Definitely feeling a difference in my clothes!" 


"I lost three pounds and two inches, but more importantly I felt stronger in just four short weeks! My clothes definitely weren't as snug as before." 

This Plan gets you back on track towards feeling Great & looking Fabulous! 

  • Follow along workouts, on Demand.  Fit into your schedule!
  • Each week is dripped out for the 4 weeks ... making it easy to follow along with and not overwhelming
  • Modifications given for your fitness level ... Do at your own pace
  • You'll  have access to this program for 12 months, to come back to!
  • Involve your family and get Healthier together, if you want
I'm Ready ... Let's get started!

28 Day Fit & Fabulous Transformation

Get ready for the results you deserve 


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