7 Day WALK at Home Challenge


An easy and FUN way to get in your steps at Home


If you need to increase your activity, feel energized and love music ... then you'll want to join my 7 day Walk at Home Challenge.  Give it a try and see how much fun you'll have.  Easy to follow too! 


STEPS at HOME with Marion Brand


Hi, I'm Marion Brand, Personal Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist and Group Fitness Instructor since 2004.  I invite you to join me if you want to get in shape, move better, feel better and continue being Fit & Fabulous to enjoy the best Half of your life! 

Workouts and Exercise may seem boring but I bring the FUN to Fitness!  Give my 7 Day Walk at Home Challenge a try and see how much fun you'll have.   

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Benefits of Walking at Home with Marion:

✅  It's FUN!!

✅  Doesn't feel like a workout ... but with all the benefits!

✅  "It's like Walking / Dancing with a Friend"

✅  Helps reach your STEP Goal for the day

✅  Increased Strength & Stamina

✅  Improve Cardiovascular

✅  Burn Calories

✅  Increased Energy

✅  Heart Healthy

✅  Knee Friendly

✅  Joint Friendly

✅  Helps you Move with Better

✅  Improve Flexibility

✅  Increase Balance and Coordination

✅  You'll Feel & Look Fabulous!


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"Yes!! Day 7 completed and I am so happy I was able to complete them all. I am definitely going to continue. Thanks for the challenge Marion. I loved it!"

Teri S

"A great way to sweat and have fun:-)! Thanks so much for putting the excitement in exercise!"

"Marion, this was the best workout ever. I just love your energy, your diverse and fun dance moves. You clearly love what you are doing. Thanks for blessing us with your amazing presence! <3"

"OMGoodness. This was great. I love the music. It definitely woke me up for my 7 am work out. My new favorite."

"Hi Marion. New subscriber here. Thanks so much for providing a workout that so many of us CAN DO !!!! lol. Love the energy and music. :-)"

"I love this workout, I know the music and it's the right amount of time if I'm in a hurry to get 5000 steps in. Your smile is contagious."

"Can I just say that I love love love this workout??? Cause I’m doing it every night and it puts me in a great mood!!!"

"That was a good workout!!  So effective it got me off the couch. Thank you."