Managing Changing Hormones and Menopause

Are you in Menopause and asking “What in the world is happening to my body?

Menopause, which brings lower levels of estrogen and other changes to women’s bodies can cause higher risk of heart disease, weaker bones, and extra tummy fat.  

The same happens to men over 50, testosterone drops off, so it’s harder to feel as vibrant and strong. And what’s often called a “beer belly” can come from having less human growth hormone.

Hormones contribute to all aspects of our well-being, and it’s important that our bodies produce the right amounts. Mood swings, loss of strength, and a lower libido – all are common among people over 50 because of hormonal changes.

Aging is one of the factors beyond our control. But exercise can lessen symptoms brought by changing hormones – while also boosting quality of life, lowering aches and pains, and bringing countless physical and mental benefits. 

Here's some benefits of...

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Never Too Late to Lift: 7 Reasons to Start Weightlifting After 50

7 Reasons Weightlifting Is So Great Later in Life

Are you thinking it's too late to start lifting weights? Think again! It’s a common misconception that weightlifting is only for the young and those aiming to bulk up. The true fact is that lifting weights later in life is not only doable, it’s downright beneficial and necessary—and yes, it can be fun too!

Resistance training is so much more important after 50. Here are just seven of the main reasons mature people should be lifting weights on a regular basis.

  1. Fountain of Youth for Your Muscles: As we age, muscle mass naturally declines. But why settle for weakness when you can lift your way to strength? Regular weightlifting can significantly slow muscle loss, helping you stay active and flexible for everything from travel to playing with the grandkids.
  2. Fat Burning Furnace: Forget hours on the treadmill; resistance training is also a champion fat burner. It’s a double win—gain muscle and lose...
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Fight Age-Related Muscle Loss

Fight Age-Related Muscle Loss

As you age your muscle mass naturally dwindles.This process, called sarcopenia, begins as early as 20 and can ramp up to .4 lb loss in muscle each year by age 50. 

There is a solution to fight off sarcopenia and to maintain your muscles: exercise your muscles with an assortment of resistance training modalities. Consistency is key – the muscle building benefits of each workout ends after about 48 hours.

Keep challenging your muscles and they will repay you with ageless strength!  You'll want a weight heavy enough to do 10 - 15 repetitions to fatigue.  This helps build strength and burn FAT!!

Proper form and exercises for you is very important.  It's always best to learn from a certified coach and trainer.  This will help you fast track your results and avoid injuries.  Do it right the first time!!

Call or email today to get started on a program that will keep your muscles young.  Let’s do this!

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